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Electricity: The Politics of Power

* First published in the March 2012 issue of the German-Canadian newspaper Albertaner.

By Josipa Petrunic
Alberta Liberal candidate, Edmonton-Gold Bar

Higher than expected power bills have led many Albertans to wonder why the best healthcare administration programs in this province’s electricity market – which used to be one of North America’s best run, best managed and cheapest electricity markets – has turned out to be a failure for consumers.

Just over a decade ago, Alberta chose to deregulate its electricity good wholesale candles deal market. Britain and Australia were already doing so. Major energy companies, such as Enron, were pressuring Alberta’s government to follow suit.

Up to that point, “electricity” had been deemed an essential service. Companies, such as TransAlta and Epcor, generated electricity this Friv game is very addictive from coal or natural gas and sold it to Albertans through a regulated system. The regulated market ensured electricity for all Albertans at a reasonable price (around 5 cents/kilowatt-hour) and it allowed government to forecast the need for new power plants.

By many measures, Alberta’s regulated market worked well.

In 2000, however, the P.C. government thought the system needed fixing. It believed regulation this Happy Wheels demo rocks was burdensome and costly. It wanted to cut “red tape” by eliminating price controls.

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